Colour of 2018


This year the colour of 2018 announced by Pantone is Ultra Violet!

With dramatic and throughtful qualities this colour is about focusing on the future. Historically Ultra Violet is associated with mystery and spirituality and therefore is used with mindfulness practises; something which many of us strive for in our busy and stressful lives. A feeling of connection in an ambient environment, is supposedly achieved through the use of purple-toned lights, which also promotes energy and a feeling of invigoration.


When it comes to hair colour this year, we will see inspiration drawn from the colour of 2018. The easiest way to incorporate Ultra Violet into your everyday can be through interior design and fashion; we understand that having bright purple as a hair colour may not be everyones taste of course! Instead we are looking towards hair colours this year that can be a complimentary factor to your fashion choices: delicate, beautiful and easy-to-wear. 




From left: Selena Gomez, Escape Hairdressing colour by Anne Mette & styling by Hanne , Miranda Kerr




From left: Jessica Chastain, Escape Hairdressing colour by Silje & styling by Malin, Rachel McAdams




From left: Alexa Chung, Escape Hairdressing colour by Silje & styling by Malin, Katie Holmes


This trend of delicate, natural, nude, parisian colour is forcasted for the first half of 2018. Thereafter we are expect to see a big change and contrast to the delicate start of the year.