NEW IN --> Instant Highlights & Parisian Nudes


This spring we have two exciting products coming into the salon. L'Oréal is launching Instant Highlights, a new highlighting product which can lift your hair upto 6 shades lighter in half the time of regular highlights!

 In addition we also have a new set of colours corresponding with this season's trend of Parisian hair. This look is about beautiful neutral, beige tones which can be achieved with medium/dark blondes to deep brunettes.










So what is it exactly that cuts treatment time in half? It's the Pro Heat Technology, which is used in a three part system. This gives instant results in a safe way, without causing any extra damage to your hair than regular lightening would through highlights. The Lightening Cream has been scientifically developed and is rich with oils that gives an even and controlled result under heat from the heating iron.


Parisian Nudes

This season parisian nudes trend is about achieving that "je ne sais quoi" look that french girls are world famous for. Their natural looking, not too perfectly styled hair, which looks like they were just woke up, threw on a dress and dashed out their apartment is inspiration for this trend. The colour palette is neutral, not warm or cold but balanced perfectly in the middle. The result is a really natural, sophisticated looking colour, perfect for that spring feeling.

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Anielka Hampson