Do you update your Hair Care Routine with the seasons?


The winter season always comes around quicker than we expect and then before we know it are we counting down the days until Christmas whilst trying to get all the Christmas shopping done for our loved ones. Therefore it is a usual symptom that small changes in your hair care routine can easily be forgotten.

In Scandinavia, we experience quite a dramatic change in temperature and humidity from the summer to the winter season and vice versa. Spring and Autumn can sometimes last only a few weeks, where for example this year in Spring we experienced a 30 degrees temperature increase in the time frame of only 10 days! These dramatic changes can be quite challenging on our hair and skin, where people often experience extremely dry skin or hair that feels like it has totally changed in texture and quality. Hair can become bristly, dry and brittle, which can lead to more breakages and split ends, additionally we can lose that healthy, silky-looking hair we had in the summer.

At Escape we recommend just changing some of your products out seasonally to get the best results out of your hair. This could be using a hair mask instead of your usual conditioner or using a leave-in conditioning product like a hair oil. Below is a good example of a hair care routine for someone with colour-treated, normal to dry hair with a dry scalp.



    Kérastase Specifique Bain Riche Dermo-Calm Shampoo


    Chronologiste Essential Revitalizing Balm


    Nutritive Crème Magistrale Fundamental Nutrition Balm

    At Escape, we are now offering fantastic gift boxes from Kérastase, which include 3 products at a discounted price. Each box includes a shampoo, a conditioner and a leave-in conditioning product, which is a great way to update your hair care regime. Two out of the three Kérastase hair care ranges available are those specifically designed to deliver moisture and treat dry hair (below in order of least to most moisturising) :


    (normal/dry/colour-treated hair)


    (dry/frizzy hair)


    (chemically damaged/dry weak)


Needing more advice?

Book a Wash & Blow Dry appointment with us, where a stylist can recommend which hair products will best suit your needs, whilst also giving you the opportunity to test out some products and see how they feel.