NEW IN --> Keratin Treatment (Semi- Permanent Hair Straightening)

Now at Escape we are offering Brasil Cacau Keratin Treatment.

photograph by Jamie Nelson

photograph by Jamie Nelson

This treatment acts as an extremely intensive mask, which can be used on all hair types. The result: 3 months of soft, beautifully shiny straight hair that remains frizz-free with minimal styling needed.



1. The hair is washed with a shampoo specifically developed for the keratin treatment, which opens up the cuticles and prepares the hair for the treatment.

2. After the hair is rough-dried to about 80% dry and the deeply penetrating keratin cream is worked through the lengths of the hair.

3. The hair is then divided into small strands and straightened, where the keratin is activated under the heat from the straightening iron. This gives instant results of soft and straight hair.

4. Lastly the hair is washed and rinsed through thoroughly and a deep conditioning mask is applied, which seals the result.


The treatment works by realigning the cuticles, which makes the surface of the hair even and smooth, therefore reflecting light better and giving the hair a brilliant shine. The treatment takes a couple of hours (depending on how much hair you have) and is totally pain-free. The results are amazing and are achieved by just blow-drying the hair without using a brush. This is perfect if you are looking for polished, healthy-looking styled hair everyday, with minimal time and effort.


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