Winter Problems = Static Hair

We all know well the problems of static hair that comes with the winter weather. For example, that lovely fluffy high neck jumper, or that (ahem!) synthetic dress that creates crazy medusa hair and delivers electric shocks to any unexpecting person in your vicinty .

Malgosia Bela by Greg Kadel for Vogue Spain July 2011


So, what is it exactly that causes this problem and how can we avoid it?

The main reason that we experience static hair is actually because of a lack of moisture, and of course this is naturally a problem in winter where the air is more harsh and drying. Plus constant rapid changes of temperature from indoors to outdoors also adds to this problem. In winter we tend to also pile on more fashion accessories around our hair, like hats, scarves and polonecks. Anything which contains synthetic fibers is also going to amplify the static hair problem.



1. Use shampoo always with conditioner. A masque can also be used to prepare and build up moisture. Choose a range for moisture, repair or anti-static.

2. Use Hair Oil and Leave-In Conditioner, which is rich in moisture.

3. Use an anti-static product, like Redken One United


Siljes tips: "If you are also suffering with your blouse being all static and your skirt sticking to your tights, then spray an anti-static hair product on the inside of your blouse or skirt ;)  Redken's One United is great as it is 25 products in 1, plus it's a perfect size to have in your handbag, at work or in your bathroom at home."