How to wear it: BANGS

Bangs are back in a big way for 2018 and a lot of celebrity faces have jumped on board and gone in for the chop, helping kick off this trend on social media.


We of course all know well, when we see these beautiful fringes online that we long and lust to do the same with our own do, however we get cold feet. Usually, the main reason for holding us back from picking up the phone and making the appointment with our hairstylist or quickly chickening out and saying "I'll have the usual" with a smile, is that after leaving the salon with this perfectly-cut fringe, we then enter the unknown of how to style the damn thing. 



Of course, all you long-term fringe commitees, wonder what's all the fuss is about? But we all remember the first time of waking up in the morning with a fringe sticking out horizontally from our forhead, looking like you have woken up in the 80s (cue right), thinking "oh s***!, what do I do now?". And then you learnt about the secret little fringe washes in-between regular washes to keep those bangs looking tip-top ;).


So today we wanted to share some inspiration of different looks you can do with your fringe, which gives you the flexibility when you are NOT having a good fringe day. 


Felicity Jones

Bella Hadid

 Kristina Bazan

Jessica Biel

Vanessa Hudgens