Off-Duty Model Hair --> Tutorial for Long Hair Girls



This week we are taking a little inspiration from the It Models of the moment as they go around the city, like Kendal, Gigi and Kaia, to make a hair styling tutorial. Malin, one of our style directors at Escape, has come up with an easy but beautiful look, perfect for if you haven't had time to wash your hair and have a hectic day scedule ahead of you.




Seperate the hair and spray in dry shampoo at the roots. Tip: to avoid getting that chalky affect, spray at a distance of around 30cm.



Work in Label. m Volume Mousse at the crown of the head to eliminate cow-licks and give an even straight finish. Take the section of hair on the crown of the head and spray product along the root line, working your way through the section. Blast the section with the dryer whilst working through the product with a brush.


step 3

To create a more natural parting, take a tail-comb and weave the tail end along your exisiting parting. Brush  and collect the hair at the nape of the neck, using a hair bungee to tie the hair into a ponytail. Go over the hair gently with a flat bush to create loose hairs.


Step 4

Take the ponytail and twist it around into a knot. Find a shape you like and start to pin the bun into place. To finsh pull out some loose hairs around the face and seal with Label. m Texturizing Volume spray to give a softer natural look.

To get the full video tutorial, check out our instagram stories, where you will find the video under featured tutorials.