Retro Love ❤

Eighty years ago hair had an important role in ladies' lives and appearance was an indulgence prioritised to keep up moral. Visits to the salon became so popular that factories, comprising of a woman strong workforce, installed "in-work" salons. During the war period there were strict rules and regulations on how hair had to be worn, but women did look truly glamourous because of it. Hair had to be cut short, above the shoulders, due to it being a safety risk when women were operating heavy machinery that before the war, were operated by men. This serious cause was extended to Hollywood, where Veronica Lake, known for her long wavy hair, was asked to cut it short in hopes to further promote the new wartime look. 



On the contrary, hair also had an important role in young bachelorettes lovelives' where romance was still on their minds.  The picture below shows how the placement of hair bows were a flirty signal to pursuers if they were on the market on not, or maybe undecided.