NEW IN --> Kerastase Resistance Extentioniste Series

Have you always been dreaming of long hair, but however hard you try to let it grow, you never manage to reach you hair length goals.


maybe now we have the solution to your dreams.


In the new Kérastase Resistance Extentioniste series, you will find a Length Strengthening Shampoo, Conditioner, Masque and Scalp & Hair Serum. Kérastase has put this as the first "work-out" system for your hair and scalp. As with your body, results don't occur overnight and the same applies to your hair. If you want stronger longer hair that you have to work for it. 



Kérastase recommend a 3 month program with your hairdresser as your personal trainer, where you should experience hair growth, without lengths and ends that break. The program starts in the salon with an Extentioniste Treatment that you can ask your hairdresser to have at the sink instead of conditioner when your hair is washed. After just this treatment, the results are amazing and show a reduction of split ends up to 78% and broken hair strands up to 99%! It also shows hair growth of up to 4cm or more in 3 months.

  With the new creatine R technology, your hair fibers' internal structure is strengthened and aids your hair's return to it's perfect condition. The shampoo containing taurine, an amino acid, helps protect you hair follicles giving you a healthy scalp. The conditioner and masque on the other hand, has Acid Maleic, which penetrates each strand of hair, building and sealing it up from root to tip.




The last gem of this series is the hair serum, designed to tackle the problem at the roots. By focusing on the entirety of each hair strand, great results are guaranteed. The serum contains ceramides, which starts at the roots working its way down repairing the inner hair shaft that can be broken and have holes from damage, whilst sealing the cuticle with a protective layer as it grows.


The great feedback about this series is that normally when you try to grow long hair which has been damaged from chemical processes, the lengths usually look lifeless, thin and dull. Whereas after using the product the ends are much more thicker and better quality, almost reflecting the same quality of the hair at the roots!