Brow Care


Eyebrows are one of the most important features on a face.

They create balance, help accentuate your best facial features and well.. just make you look more fresh and put together. For all you brow addicts out there, you will know the massive difference your brows make in comparison to leaving the house with them "au naturale"  (on a bad day you might even have to dodge a few "have you slept badly/feeling under the weather" comments...eek!).

I think their considerable importance to me was realised when looking at what would my answer be, from before when i did nothing with my brows, to after when I use brow makeup daily.  "If you could only take one piece of makeup up with you to a desert island to spend the rest of your days, what would you take?" Before brows it would probably be mascara, after entering a brow grooming regime it would be an Eyebrow Colour Powder.



Dying your eyebrows can really help accentuate lighter hairs and give an even tone and texture, which can be almost revolutionary change for people with naturally very light eyebrow hair.  At Escape we have a variety of colours that our brow experts can choose from either to match your current hair colour or maybe to add some contrast. The transformative powers of brows can be seen if you look at someone like, Rita Ora, who likes to be experimental with her hair and brows.





The shaping of brows is probably the most important part to the brow grooming regime and there is not just necessarily one style of brow that can suit you. For the majority of us ladies the style and thickness of brow we choose is normally dictated by how blessed we are with hair growth and of course those lucky ones who have good, thick brows can choose from everything basically. When shaping the brow it is also very individual and comes down to you facial bone structure in order to achieve "brows on fleek" worthy brows.








At Escape our brow specialists recommend coming to get a brow tint or colour every 4 - 6 weeks. In order to prolong your colour fading, it is best to use an alcohol-free makeup remover, as alcohol can make the colour fade faster. Keep small strays that appear at bay with a tweezer in between your brow shaping visits.




Brow Shaping / Napping av bryn


Brow Tinting / Farging av bryn              


Lash Tinting / Farging av vipper  


Brow Threading / Tråding av bryn