Beach Wave Styling


Last Thursday we decided to ask you, our readers, via Instagram what you would like to see in this week's blog. The response we decided to write about was Beach Wave Styling, as it perfectly suits the Summer Holiday season now. Whether home or away, this is a is versatile look, which suits everything from feminine, to boho, to rock chic styling.



No-heat-needed styling


You can achieve beautiful beachy hair with styling tools and curling tongs, however today we wanted to give you a tutorial for Beach Waves that can be achieved if you are away on holiday, at a festival or a summer cabin without any styling tools available (or electricity).



What you will need


1 x tail-comb or fine toothed comb

2 x small hair elastics

2 x bobby pins

1 x Redken One United 

1 x Sea Salt Spray


- Step 1 -

If you are starting with dry hair, give it a spray with water so that your hair has the same moisture levels as towel-dried hair. Use a product like Redken's One United, an all-in-one multi-benefit treatment that helps with your hair's manageability whilst also protecting it and giving it a silky, frizz-less finish. Give you hair a good spray with Salt Water Spray that will promote hold and add texture. Divide your into your desired parting and use a tail comb or your finger nail to roughly make a zigzag pattern dividing your hair into 2 roughly equal sections.


- Step 2 -


Starting at the front, take two strands of hair and twist them around each other, whilst adding new strands of hair work your way down to the back of to the neck. A small tip: Twist your hair upwards and add hair to the bottom section and don't worry about it being so perfect. Once you get to the nape of the neck, twist both strands completely together right down to the tips of your hair and secure it with a hair elastic. Then twist it into a small bun, securing it in place with a bobby pin.


- Step 3 -

To get the best results try to keep your hair in this style for a good amount of time (at least 8 hours). You can set you hair like this before you go to sleep or otherwise do this in the morning and allow it to dry naturally throughout the day, so you can have perfect beachy waves in time for the evening. Once dried, gently remove and spray more Sea Salt Spray. Shake your hands through the lengths of your hair and you are done!




To get the full tutorial with videos, check out our instagram stories @escapehairoslo under "Styling".