Meet the Team - Jens

Today is the first of our "Meet the Team", where we start with our newest employee, Jens Johan Wiker.

Known for his super-talented skills as a stylist, Jens's talent has bagged him multiple hairdressing awards, including Årets Avant Garde 2017, Årets Hårstylist 2016 and Årets Avant Garde 2015. His passion has been backed by many years of experience working in the field of Hair and Makeup, where Jens works regularly with Scandinavian magazines, like Costume, Elle, Stella and international magazines, like Kinfolk. 


We are delighted to have Jens back, who started his career with us doing his apprenticeship at Toni & Guy in 2009 . He continued developing his skills when he moved to London, specialising as a stylist at the Toni & Guy London Academy and honing his hair-cutting skills. There he gained much experience meeting people in the industry, getting to know photographers, which gave him the taste of his passion for styling, whilst also being incredibly inspiring for him. After completing his studies, he was craving for more exciting and new experiences, which led him to Copenhagen. There he attended the Nicci Welsh United Makeup Academy, completing his makeup-artist course whilst working with both Hair and makeup in the Danish Fashion scene.



Instagram: @jensjwiker


Jens starts full-time at Escape from Monday 6th August.

To book an appointment with Jens click here or ring us on +47 225 99 880