Effects of the Summer


The summer season can reek havoc on your salon-coloured hair. Whether you are a blonde or a brunette, you can fast find you hair colour becoming warmer in tone. For blondes, cool ash colours can become warm and yellowy, whilst browns can transform to an orange brassy tone.



Colour Correction

Technicial Director, Silje, recommends using a colour correcting product to help prolong your visit to the salon due to the sun's discolouration of the hair. Colour correcting products come in various forms of shampoos or conditioners. For blondes and brunettes, Silje commends L'Oréal Serie Expert Colour Corrector Brunettes/Blondes. These products do not necessarily need to be used every time you wash your hair, but is recommend maybe once a week, or when you feel that warm tones start appearing in your hair colour.




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The L'Oréal Serie Expert Colour Corrector works best for: 

Brunettes = .7 - 6.

Blondes = .9 -7.


The additional benefit to using Colour Correct from L'Oréal is that contains a special antifade complex with fennel seed extract, to help prolong your hair colour. It additionally contains keravis and xylose; ingredients that help to protect your colour in the sun. Using the Colour Corrector as a replacement for your conditioner also helps prevent breakages and detangles your hair, whilst delivering a perfect shine .


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For any advice about hair care products, please feel free to ask you stylist or colour technician when you visit the salon.