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Redken Color Extend Blondage is a new series added to Redken’s range, a purple shampoo and conditioner especially for blondes, now available for sale at Escape.

At Escape purple shampoo goes hand in hand with nearly all our blonde clients that have colour lightening appointments like highlights, balayage or a full bleach. The reason we strongly recommend our customers using a purple shampoo or conditioner is that it prolongs the toner applied by your colour specialist after bleaching by combating the yellowy warm tones that can appear in blonde hair after only a few washes. These products contain a safe amount of purple pigment as purple is the counterpart to yellow on the colour wheel. The result of adding purple to yellow will neuturalise these unwanted yellowy tones and brighten your blonde colour.

Speaking with Colour Expert Jelena Holen she explains that “there are a combination of factors that can affect the rate at which yellow warm tones return to your hair colour. Firstly it is dependent on how porous your hair is. Hair which has been heavily bleached or lifted a lot will be more porous. Porous hair follicles makes it very difficult for a hair strand to hold the colour pigment particles for the long period of time. Secondly there are environmental factors that can make your cool tone lift quicker. Sun, heat styling, salt water or hard water can all affect how often you will need to tone your hair ”. Many of our clients when purchasing purple shampoo or conditioner usually wonder about how often they need to use it. The frequency of course will vary from person to person depending on what type of blonde tone they want to how porous (or treated) their hair is. Normally we recommend starting with once a week and then see if you need it more or less often. It is important to note that if your hair is not blonde enough or you are a blondy-brown, using a purple shampoo can make your colour more dirty and dull. Therefore we recommend using L'Oréal Série Expert Color Corrector for Brunettes .

This new range from Redken is designed especially for blonde hair that is chemically weakend hair through bleaching processes. The Color Extend Blondage range is formulated with a Triple Acid Protein complex, of amino, citric and maleic acids plus wheat protein, that helps strengthen hair’s cuticles whilst helping repair broken bonds that keeps hair strong and healthy.

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For any advice about hair care products, please feel free to ask you stylist or colour technician when you visit the salon.