Before Your Visit at the Salon…

Many of you wonder what’s best to do with your hair before you come to the salon for a colour appointment. Should you wash it? Can you have hair products in your hair? Etc.

Today we are going to give you all your answers straight from the experts.



Having greasy hair is a bonus before your hair appointment as the hair’s natural layer of oils create a protective barrier between the scalp and the hair dye. This rule applies for all types of hair colouring, like highlights, balayage or just an all over colour.

The other question customers usually wonder about is if it is okay to have hair products in your hair and can this effect the outcome of your colour. Our colour experts say that the majority of hair care and styling products, like hair spray or a nourishing hair oil are totally fine and do not have any affect on the dying process.


Lastly there are two products that can seriously affect the result of your hair colour and even cause serious damage to your hair.



Root Touch-Up Spray is a godsend for the majority of us who needs a little colour cover-up in between regular visits to the hairdressers (especially if you have contrasting coloured roots). This type of product unfortunately can drastically affect the result of your colour and can create an uneven or underdeveloped tone. It seems this product hinders the ability of the hair dye to develop at its usual rate, therefore making the result unpredictable. Therefore we highly recommend that you do not come to your colour appointment with this type of product in your hair, so that your visit can go smoothly and you do not incur any additional costs. If you can’t avoid coming to the salon with root touch up spray in your hair, due to coming straight from work for example, then we recommend letting the receptionist know when booking your appointment so that a wash and blow dry appointment can be set up beforehand so that you don’t experience any delays.


Some types of dry shampoo have also been reported to have an extreme reaction with bleach, causing the hair to snap off and dissolve. Therefore we recommend that you 100% do not come to any lightening appointment involving bleach, like highlights, balayage or full-regrowth with dry shampoo in your hair. If you forget before your appointment, please inform your colour technician during your colour consultation before they begin.


Let us know if you have any other questions in the comments below and we will get back to you as soon as possible with our best advice.