Summer Hair Prep


The summer holidays are almost at touching distance, we feel the sun on our shoulders and the light summer breeze through our hair. Therefore today we are going to share our tips and expertise on what is best for your hair and how to keep it in tip-top condition, whether you are sipping white wine in the Costa del Sol or catching some rays down in Crete.

Starting with a Good Base

Cecilia, Senior Style Director at Escape Hairdressing

“Having fresh ends are really important if you have chemically weakened hair though processes like bleaching or highlights. Summer sun with high UV levels, sea salt and pool chlorine are all very taxing on hair. A lot of our clients normally choose to wait to get their hair trimmed after they come back from holiday, however if you have damaged hair you are most likely to suffer with split-ends, so by having a fresh haircut before summer begins means that you can have healthier ends, which will be less likely to split even higher up the shaft that would in turn create more damage and result in losing more length than maybe you had planned for.“



Giving your hair a headstart so that it is silky and moisturised is strongly recommended. At Escape we have a selection of intensive hair treatments from Shu Uemura and Kérastase, which are personalised to each client’s needs. Every hairdresser can mix and match specific ranges to help solve your dry hair problems. The benefits of opting for an in-salon treatment is that its up to 10 times more concentrated than the hair masks you can buy with you to take home. Depending on the type of hair you have some hair treatments can last up to 4 weeks, whilst the salon-exclusive treatment is also especially designed to penetrate even deeper into the hair shaft, delivering a stronger effect.



In the summer it is also a good idea to mix things up a bit in order to meet the demands of your hair needs. Seeing your hair will be more susceptible to drying out, putting a focus on mositurising products is a good way to stop any hair nightmares occurring. Madelen, Senior Colour Technician at Escape, recommends “switching out your regular conditioner for a hair mask”. It is also very sensible to include some UV protecting hair care products into your routine, to give your hair that extra protection if you are going to be outside all day. Additionally at Escape, we have received the newly updated sun-focused series from Kérastase, called Soleil, which contains a shampoo, hair mask, hair oil mist and a UV leave-in cream. This really is a perfect series worth investing in for your summer holidays and an added bonus is that it has a gorgeous summery coconut scent. Heavenly!


Final Tips

Lastly, just take care of your hair and practice good hair routines in order to keep your hair in great shape. For example:

- Always wash your hair after swimming in salt and chlorinated water.

- If you don’t want your colour to lift, keep your hair covered with a hat or tied up with stylish scarf.

- Give your hair a break from the pool and the sea and slick it back into a tight updo with a banana clip, à la Alexander Wang.

- Use a leave-in moisturising product daily like an oil mist or leave-in conditioner.

- Don’t overdo it on the amount of bleach and go super blonde before going on holiday. The summer sun’s UV rays will lift your blonde colour even lighter.