Our Colour Services Explained


Highlights are one of our most popular colouring services at Escape. We offer a variety of effects where highlights can be used to create beautiful colour designs or classic effects, using techniques like weave, slice, texture or placement. Highlights are created used a weaving technique where bleach is applied and then developed in silver foils normally under heat. We offer several different services under our highlights section: 1/2 head of highlights (the top part of you hair if your drew a line through your hair from the top of your ears and up), 1/1 head of highlights (full head including the underneath part of the hair from the ears down to the neckline). We also offer just regrowth highlights either half or a full head or from root to ends for half or a full head.



Balyage is a highlighted technique, contoured with the application of free hand painting working from the ends up. This technique is created by using bleach and can be combined with a creative colour or highlights in a colour design to give a more tailored finish.



Bleaching delivers a dramatic light blond effect, where many different nuances and tones can be achieved with toners. This is a high maintenance service where we recommend to have your roots touched up every 6 weeks to avoid banding, higher risk of damage and higher costs due to having to bleach the regrowth in two steps.


Colour Tint

Colour Tint provides all over coverage with either a permanent or semi-permtant dye, where the result will be a similar tone or darker. For this service one or multiple colours can used to create a natural result and some texture andmovement to the hair . We offer all-over colour or colour regrowth service (Farge Ettervekst/Farge Hele Hodet)




Colour Glossing

Our glossing service is a perfect add on to a haircut or a wash & blow-dry, as it is a service we offer in the sink that is applied to wet hair. Hair glossing helps give your hair colour a little boost by making your hair appear more shiny and glossy, whilst also correcting any unwanted tones that might have shown up since you last visit.


Colour Design

Colour Design is a tailored hair colouring service where our colour technicians personalize the colour to suit your desires whilst also taking into consideration what would work best for your hair and how it falls. Placement of colour is expertly placed to deliver shadows and highlights in all the right places, creating a very luxurious finish.





Creative Colour

Creative colour really has endless possibilities whether it is a subtle result or a head-turning pop of colour. In order to have the majority of creative colours, the hair has to be pre-lightened usually to at least to a level 8/9, which is a banana yellow or even lighter for some colours. We have a large selection of colours from under the rainbow from Pulp Riot so your colour can be as creative as you dream to be.


Colour Camo

Colour Camo is a super quick service we offer at Escape, which delivers a natural result with a 30% colour coverage. This allows some of the grey tones to shines through, which makes the result incredibly natural. Colour camo only takes 5 minutes to develop and is applied in the sink during the washing process before a cutting the hair. Additionally it fades very naturally as it becomes more transparent.



Shoe Shine

Shoe Shine is the hairdressing technique used to create a sort of shine effect on short hair by bleaching the ends of the hair.


Colour Correction

Colour correction is the term used for normally fixing and correcting unwanted tones in the hair. This can be for example orange tones that shine through in blondes, or for example hair that has gone greenish from swimming in chlorinated water from swimming pools, or residing colours from creative colours, like blue hair dye, which sits normally in the hair for many months or longer, fading slowly to a turquoise/green, etc. Here’s a great video from Alexsis Mae, where she uses a colour correcting technique to take her client from blue to blond.



Pre-colouring, also known as pre-filling, is used for clients wanting to go from a light or blonde colour to a darker colour, which is 3 or more shades darker, for example going from a blonde colour to black. The aim here is to colour the hair 2 shades lighter from the desired result colour in order to help reach that colour withour the colour fading or shining through any unwanted tones. Here’s a another video from Alexsis Mae, demonstrating the pre-pigmentation process.


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