“Innovation and Creativity combined with Excellence and Technical Skills”

At Escape we wish to develop a brand with a purpose, embracing our loyal clientele, sharing our knowledge through education and showcasing our skills through photo shoots and hair shows.

Developing a team with strong morals in the industry is a priority, where we take time to ensure our hairdressers have a complete and comprehensive understanding of cutting and colouring hair before we allow them to be with clients. With this we aim to create a benchmark for other hairdressers.

Creativity is encouraged and we have a constant thirst to be better in every aspect; combined with a down to earth, professional and friendly atmosphere.

Our work is timeless, individual and client focused. We have a strong wish to raise the industry levels and to create an experience for our clients with impeccable detail; from in-depth consultations to personalising every hairstyle to suit you and your lifestyle.





We believe that every head of hair is as individual as a fingerprint and need to be tailored to suit the needs and desires of our guests.

All of our highly skilled team offer something unique in cutting, colouring, and styling and are able to adapt the latest trends into easy to care for styles whilst complementing each haircut with the perfect colour.


Our colour specialists work very closely with L´Oreal on an international basis, educating and inspiring other hairdressers and providing images to be used throughout the world.

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At Escape Hairdressing we firmly believe that education is the key to success whether you are starting out on your career or an established hairdresser with great experience.

We offer opportunities for all levels at a top international standard. Our assistants will follow our unique training programme designed to reach the highest level in all aspects of hairdressing, whilst being taught by some of the most respected hairdressers in the industry.

Hairdressers will have the opportunity to develop in every area from salon work to editorial and stage work to taking part on our photo shoots and innovative videos. 

Send an application to david@escapehairdressing.no



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General enquiries: hair@escapehairdressing.no

Education/courses: kontor@escapehairdressing.no

Media/salon enquiries: david@escapehairdressing.no



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